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Felyx is an initiative funded by ESA. The Consortium consists of 3 companies from the UK and France, led by Ifremer.



Ifremer-logo largeIFREMER, the French Institute of Research for the Exploitation of the Sea, is leading the Felyx project. IFREMER provides numerous services and products related to research and exploration of the sea. This covers a wide range of activities, from disseminating information on programme results, to customised services based on the scientific and technical skills and investigation facilities which are the institute's assets. Within the scope of the Felyx project, Ifremer is involved through its Center for Satellite Exploitation and Research (CERSAT) for its internationally renowned experience in earth observation data management, calibration / validation activities and development of operational data processing systems and web applications. It also brings expertise on sea surface temperature and ocean waves for the demonstration phase of the project.



pml logo RGBPlymouth Marine Laboratory bring expertise in satellite Earth observation and validation activities, for both passive and active sensors.  They are internationally recognised for their work in ocean colour Earth observation and are involved in the ocean colour demonstration phase of Felyx.



pelamisPelamis Scientific Software Ltd is a UK based software company specialising in Python and Django development for the Space and Marine industries. Their director was the developer of the original HRDDS system and the JCOM PS-WFVS.