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The project was officially kicked-off at ESRIN on 21st January 2013. The initial implementation of Felyx system is planned in several sequences, following a global approach meant to fully meet the user needs, and provide a reliable and extensible solution which the user community will be able to build further on and tailor to new fields of application.


The initial development and testing of Felyx is led by IFREMER and associates PML and Pelamis Sofware, in coordination with the European Space Agency (ESA). It follows a classic development approach based on a detailed analyis of the user requirements and system design, an implementation phase and finally a demonstration period to fully assess the system performances and benefits. The software will then be fully released to the user community.

roadmapOverview of the implementation strategy and schedule

  • January to mid-March 2013 : a two-months requirements baseline analysis, intended for the development team to touch base with the user community and refine the required functions, This phase will involve the users through the constitution of a reference user group (see get involved), aiming at sustaining a tight link between the development team and real end users during the full project life (through questionnaire, workshops, news, reviews, feedback)
  • Mid-March to mid-May 2013 : a technical specification phase, during which we will fully define the system architecture, provide mock-ups for front-end and interfaces descriptions.
  • Mid-May 2013 to Mid-February 2014 : a two step implementation phase during which the core system will be implemented :
    • delivering after 4 months (mid-September 2013) a first prototype focusing mostly on the system back-end (orchestraction of the tasks, data subsetting and metrics extraction, APIs and services) and very basic front-end elements to demonstrate the client/server communication
    • delivering after 4 additional months (mid-February 2014) a complete system  ready to be deployed and operated.
  • Mid-February 2014 to mid-September 2014 : a real life 6-months long demonstration on a representative selection of large satellite, model and in situ data collections, focusing on the following geophysical quantities :
    • ocean waves
    • sea surface temperature
    • ocean colour


Felyx Software milestones


September 2014 First Release Candidate available for the public
February 2014 First Beta version ready for demonstration
September 2013 Prototype version