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Felyx will include both a back-end and front-end system to help users analyzing the content of large collections of datasets. Here is a list of features "out of the box," but the power of Felyx will be also its extensibility, allowing the users to tailor the system to its specific application.


data subsetting : Felyx is first of all an extraction tool that subsets large collections of data over predefined geographical boxes ("sites") delivering and storing smaller "miniProds".


local or remote data extraction : the miniProds can be extracted either from remotely or locally stored data. Remotely stored data can be accessed through OpenDAP or downloaded by the system which includes a data grabber.


automatic processing : Felyx is able to detect new incoming data and process them on the fly to extract miniProds.


metrics : Felyx can process metrics from the miniProds content (mean value, standard deviation,...) and display them through various channels (web interface, report,...)


moving targets : miniProds can be extracted on predefined geographical boxes or along trajectories (buoy, ship, hurricane,...) providing Felyx with a match-up extraction capability.

extensibility : Felyx is designed in a modular and extensible way so that users can tailor the system to its own needs through plugins.


tailoring to your need : all system backend functions are accessible though APIs and web services allowing anyone to build its own client application (interface or script).


web interface  :  miniProds and metrics from all datasets can be visualised and inter-compared through various plots (time series, histogram, scatterplots, maps) and statistical indicators.


display on tablets and smartphones : for nomade users to keep an eye on their data, the front-end will be compatible with today's mobile devices


distributed instances : Felyx can be deployed anywhere and operated on datasets and parameters of interest for any organisation. The various Felyx instances can interact with each other, creating a web of felyx systems enabling aggregation and cross comparison of miniProds and metrics from multiple sources. The existing instances are referenced on this central web portal.