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Friday, 28 June 2013 09:37

felyx presented at GHRSST 14 meeting

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felyx project was presented to the 14th annual meeting of the GHRSST science team in Woodshole, MA on 18th June. As the original concept of felyx (high resolution diagnostic datasets) was developed in the frame of GHRSST, the feedback of this community on the new scope and objectives of felyx was very much anticipated by our team.

The meeting, attended by two felyx team members, was very positive for the project. It was presented in plenary session but also discussed in working groups. The most anticpated feature is the ability to generate in situ matchups and multi-sensor match-ups, as it is key activity for this community, often time and resource consuming. Having all struggled with such tasks, there seems to a general acknowledgement of the project challenges and therefore the tremendous value it could bring to users.  As a result, felyx will be a major asset for this community and  several people have volunteered for early testing of the system or for supporting use cases, mostly centered on the match-up generation capability. felyx will also be used by the CDR-TAG (Climate Data record Technical Advisory Group) of GHRSST at a early stage for building a multi-sensor matchup database from AATSR, AMSRE and AVHRR Pathfinder.

The presentation of felyx at GHRSST meeting.

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