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Monday, 10 June 2013 13:25

felyx technical specifications are now available!

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We are happy to make available to people having interest in felyx the Technical Specifications (TS) of the system. It is completed by a description of the system interfaces (ICD) and the list of products initially supported through felyx.


The purpose of the TS is as follows :

  • to provide a preliminary design of the system, including :
    • an overview of the system architecture and data workflow within the system : description of the overall system and breakdown into subsystems and their interfaces to each other, precise description of each subsystem’s role and services
    • the execution workflow : description of the sequence of operations performed when ingesting data into felyx or extracting miniProds and metrics, including an overview of the possible parallelism in the workflow management
    • a static design view of the system, including the main software elements and the underlying data model for all felyx persistent data (configuration information,...)
    • a description of the user and administration web interface’s views and how they relate to each other
    • elements of analysis of the performances and technical approach to themanagement of the system scalability
  • to provide elements justifying the design and implementation choices
    • implementation choices such as programming language, programming standards, management of source code, protocol for web services, client/server communication
    • reused software elements and on-the-shelf software libraries
  • to deliver an overview of the validation plan, including :
    • validation and test procedures for all inputs datasets and all felyx functions
    • planification of testing campaigns, both internal and external, for instance involving people from the user reference group

It is completed by :

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